A Fitness Ranking System That Will Engage and Motivate Your Members So They Stay Longer and Upgrade More

Keep More Members

The Level Method is fun and addictive like a video game that never ends, and your coaches will be fully equipped to guide them.

Distinguish Yourself

Every gym says they have the best coaches and the best programming, but yours will. You'll be able to literally show prospects how you are different.

Deliver More Value

As your members see their weaknesses, they'll want to get better and look to you for supplemental programming and personal training.

What Is The Level Method

A fitness ranking system (much like Brazilian Jiujitsu belts) that takes nothing away from your current program, and will help you keep your clients safe, engaged, and progressing over the long-term.


Johnny DiGregorio Owner CrossFit Alhambra

"Just in the last month we've had 6 people make a jump from limited to unlimited memberships. And that's with people that have been on a limited membership for a year or more."

Josh Price Owner Loco CrossFit | Two Brain Business Mentor

"We generated over $3,000 in one month alone from implementing Level Method because members wanted accessory programming, and also consistently have 30 to 40 members on accessory programming and 6 PT clients a month thanks to the Level Method."

Brennan Taylor Owner Gutwrench Fitness

"I knew from day one I wanted to be a part of this amazing product and movement. This will indeed be something that will be improving our industry from the inside out."

Power of Moments

Celebrate Their Wins

The Level Method creates opportunites for you to celebrate member achievements, and make them feel like the Rock Stars they are.

License The Level Method

What You Get

After the Kickstart Training ($999). License the Level Method for a monthly fee less than the average price of 1 member ($149). This includes:


The Level Method Kickstart training is a virtual eLearning environment that can be done from anywhere. You'll learn the why, what, and how of the Level Method. Not only that, you'll learn analogies that simplify advanced energy system concepts, as well as our bioenergetics model and programming methodology.


You'll receive a 4' by 8' MAP and Infographic that will literally show everyone how and why you're different. You'll also get access to Level Method marketing materials, Promotion Cetrificates, the "Prescriptive Model" Level Method Intro Process, and tools and templates to support your success.


Our software lets your members visually see all their levels. Coaches can see each member in detail, approve scores and manage Level Ups. There are a lot of other useful features like a dynamically changing gym avatar, promotions reports, approval history and more.


No Hassle Call

Schedule a time that works for you and we'll answer your questions and if it's a good fit we'll talk about next steps.


Kick Start Training

The Level Method is a comprehensive system and this is where you'll learn everything you need to know to be successful.


Follow The Plan

After you've finished your training, follow our 90 day plan and experience the magic.

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